Björn Kirste

Artist without style

Artist without style? Oh God, what is he on about? Don’t worry, the headline is here to arouse curiosity and still somehow carry a grain of truth. Because actually the Hamburg artist Björn Kirste really doesn’t have one, or better said not just one style – he has several! Björn, whom I have known personally for many years and whose works can also be found in my apartment, is a true all-rounder when it comes to drawing and painting. Born in Lower Saxony in 1967, the amateur chef and father has been interested in two things in particular since when he was an adolescent: art and fishing. But because you couldn’t earn money with one or the other at a young age, he first studied graphic design and worked in advertising agencies and publishing houses for many years. In 2002 he resigned from his job to dedicate more time to his painting. Although he continued to work as a freelance art director, he focused on his own work using pencil, calligraphy pen and brush.

Since then he has been fascinated by canvas, paper and the like. He now works as a customer consultant for a large supplier of artists’ supplies, for whom he also gives painting and drawing courses. Despite his job and family, Björn still finds enough time for his own painting excursions and there doesn’t seem to be anything he doesn’t deal with artistically. Although he is an excellent landscape and nude painter, we have of course taken a closer look at his work on fish and fishing and are delighted to be able to present some of his work here.

For me, Björn is one of the most versatile and best artists I know – and by the way, he also does commissioned work. Meanwhile many of his paintings decorate the walls, fly boxes and bait boxes of anglers from all over the world.      (Stefan Alt)

You can view his drawings, etchings, sketches, watercolours etc. and contact him on

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