Blackbeard UL777 & Blackbeard 1000

Ultra-light and stylish on the road through the wilderness.

As extraordinary as the design of this ultra light rod is, so is the story of its development. Behind the name Blackbeard lies a small family business that has designed and developed its rods and reels in Germany to finally make a selection of exceptional products available on the local market. All this secretly and quietly, but still on a high quality level and attractive design!

I have taken a closer look at the combo consisting of the short ultra light rod UL777 in combination with a 1000 sized reel. The most striking feature of the two-piece (grip part and continuous blank) and 168 cm long rod is certainly the wooden revolver grip. This is probably not the only thing that will convince you to take a closer look at this rod. I like this elegant grip shape, which is also very natural and sophisticated, very much! Due to the features and characteristics of both products, this combination is perfectly suited for ultra-light spin fishing for trout in small and smallest running waters. Due to the relatively short rod length you are able to make precise casts even in the wildest wilderness, surrounded by bushes, shrubs and trees. The short handle of the rod is especially suitable for backhand casts. The parabolically working tip and its flexible recoil behaviour will bring your artificial lures to a decent distance. With a little practice, accurate casts between alder and willow roots, under bushes or behind stones, just where the trout make their debut, are no problem. The indicated casting weight of 2-7 g corresponds to reality and therefore small spoons, microjigs and hardbaits can be presented perfectly. The sensitivity of the rod tip is impressive and allows a versatile and adapted lure guidance. I was also surprised by the reserve of power hidden in the lower third of the rod blank, even larger trout of 3-4 pounds I was able to quickly manouver them out of the current to spare the fish unnecessary long lasting strains. The synergy between the parabolically  working rod tip and the forcing rest of the blank is impressive and I really enjoyed it! You never have the feeling of running the risk of losing a fish in the fight. The simple black blank is also visually appealing. You can feel that high quality carbon material has been used here and the guides, consisting of Fuji Alconite,  leave nothing to be desired in this category of value for money! The rod is delivered in a high-quality Cordura hardcase, which is one of the most durable I have ever held in my hands! It is extremely robust and inspires confidence, so I would use it as flight luggage.

In addition to this fine rod you will receive a matching reel, which is of the same size as a standardised “1000”. If you don’t have a stationary reel of this type and want to do nails with heads, you can confidently purchase it in a set. Of course a noble reel from Japan also fits to the luxurious wooden handle of the rod!

Be that as it may, the Blackbeard reel is well worth its price, visually appealing in a completely black design, it has class and high-quality components. The reel is suitable for both fresh and salt water and due to the waterproof construction the internal mechanical parts are well protected. Lightweight construction, 7 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings, stainless steel shaft and a carbon brake system with up to 10 kg braking power complete the technical aspect of the reel. Its transmission ratio is 5.2:1 and the cord length is approximately 180 m with a diameter of approx. 0.20 mm. Depending on the terrain in which you are fishing, i.e. the obstacles in the water, I recommend a line with a load capacity of at least 4lbs, rather more if you want to prevent line breakage and loss of fish. Barbless single hooks are a matter of honour for trout stalking. All in all, I would recommend the Blackbeard rod – or a combination of rod and reel – to any spin fisher who is lucky enough to fish a small stream or river with trout stock! Apart from its extraordinary appearance, the rod has a high potential of quality and well adapted characteristics for the clandestine fishing for our salmonids.

The rod and reel combination is available from AngelJoe for an unbeatable 229 Euro. If you want to buy the rod separately, please have a look at the manufacturer’s homepage.       (fst)

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