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The die is cast

We write the year 2020 A.D. Digital games are being developed all over the world… In the whole world? No! In the small city Kaaks in Northern Germany, the small, unyielding company SpieleFaible won’t stop resisting this development …

First things first: As someone who grew up with endless afternoons and evenings playing board games, I feel like I‘m in seventh-game heaven right now. With Freshwater Fly (US publishing house Bellwether Game), a classic board game has come to my home for the first time in a long while. For me as a fly fisherman the game is highly addictive and has the potential to join ranks with my favourite board games, such as Stratego, Bermuda Triangle or Monopoly. Already unpacking the game reminded me of old times, when each individual piece of a game was looked carefully before setting up. The more elaborate the game, the greater was the anticipation of finally being able to play it. The Freshwater Fly, developed by Brian Suhre, leaves nothing to be desired when you open it, because this game is designed lovingly as I have rarely seen. As an angler and graphic artist I admire the fantastic artwork of Darryl T. Jones and especially the fish illustration inspired me. I will spare you details about how to play the game. If you have played it once or twice, it turns out that it is much less complicated than the instructions suggest.

But in principle that’s what the game is about: You come to a raging mountain stream full of fish equipped with rod and reel and an assortment of flies. You have to assess the current correctly, cast precisely to a rising fish, let the fly float over it in a perfect drift and reel in the fish if all goes well. You can help yourself from a pool of dice, carry out appropriate actions and try to increase your chances by using bonus actions.
Reeling in your catch is done with your own reel boad in the form of an innovative rondel mechanism with a rotating crank. In the end, the winner is the one who followed a clever strategy, solves tricky tasks and collects the best card combinations.

Sounds like a real fishing trip, doesn‘t it? In any case, you notice that the makers have an idea of the subject matter and that at least the author must be a fly fisherman. Anyway, I think it‘s nice that there is finally a classic board game about it that is so beautifully made and well thought out. This game is the ideal gift for all fishermen and belongs in every fishing household.      (Stefan Alt)


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