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The SCALE Big Picture column accompanies you on a journey through visual expression. We feature renowned photographers, but at the same time the works of underdogs who understand how to create expressive light painting. Whether it’s spectacular landscape scenarios, wildlife and conservational documentaries, or fishing in the world’s most beautiful places, transporting local heritage and folklore, the Big Picture will bring you up close and personal with photographic masterpieces.


Packrafting from Norway to Swedish Lapland


In our photo story this time Clemens Ratschan takes us to the far north of Europe. Clemens is a guarantor for fantastic impressions that reflect unique experiences of nature. Actually, the fish ecologist from Austria had planned another expedition to the most remote areas of Mongolia, but just as we all had to put up with the effects of the COVID pandemic, Clemens has also rescheduled his planned tour and set off for Scandinavia.


The overcoming of mountains is written into the genome of the citizens of the Alpine countires. A proper fishing tour should therefore also include such a climbing tour. At least Clemens thinks so and inflates his pack raft like travel partner Jakob. Their three-week route leads the two first paddling through a Fjord rich in fish near Narvik. At the end of the Fjord, after a steep, slippery ascent due to constant rain, they head up into the barren Fjord. On the Swedish side, crystal clear char lakes await the two adventurers. After alternately marching and crossing more than 20 lakes and torrents, they finally reach the Kaitum water system, which is well known in fishing circles. This system consists of three large lakes, followed by alternating heavy white water and slow paddling sections. Here, besides the greedy Nordic grayling, beautiful brown and lake trout round off the abundant fish catches. The Corona crisis doesn’t have to be an obstacle, even in good old Europe you can obviously still find a few remote corners with wonderful fishing in seemingly untouched wilderness.

Enjoy Clemens’ fantastic photographs, which will certainly pack the longing and wanderlust in you, just as we from the editorial staff felt. Have fun in northern Scandinavia, the secret roof of our European continent.      (fst)