Have fun and alwas remember to tie hard! Cheers from SCALE Magazine and AHREX

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Olive Craft Fur Sandeel

Coastal-fishing for sea-run brown is a big thing in Scandinavia, and sandeels are quite often on the trout menu. Rapid retrieve of the fly can be the trick for fishing sandeel imitations – and combined with a sudden stop in retrieve – the result can be aggressive take, as soon as the retrieval starts again. The colors are mostly kept in natural white, sand and olive themes – but a chartreuse, blue or even pink version in cold water can be super effective. This time we have the skilled Danish tyer Henrik Kure Nielsen behind the vice, where he ties the sandeel imitation “The Olive Craft Fur Sandeel”.

Fiery Brown Spey – tied by Micke Lindström

There is something about a spey-hackled salmonfly. Those long fibred hackles, originally from a heron, are so alive under water and gives movement to the fly like few other materials. The Swedish legend show his skills here tying his beautiful Fiery Brown Spey on a Esmond Drury treble hook. In this fly he uses a ring neck pheseant instead of the heron, but the result speaks for it self – a more “living” fly in the water is rare to find – and the salmon love it – give it a try your self. Hooks: Ahrex HR490B Esmond Drury (Black) Thread: White and Brown Veevus 6/0 Tag: Oval Gold Tinsel and Fl. Orange Fluoro Fibre Tail: Golden Pheasant Crest Rib: Oval Gold Tinsel Hackle: Ring Neck Pheasant dyed Fiery Brown Body: Spectra Dub Brown Fronthackle: Guinea Fowl dyed Fiery Brown Cheeks: Pro Sportfisher Jungle Cock