DAIWA Saltiga 2020

Make it reel with Daiwa

Saltwater fishing is probably one of the most demanding activities for the angler and his tackle. And I am not talking about the mackerel paternoster or the sea trout on the sbirolino! We think one category (or four) bigger and talk about the big and gigantic sea fish, whether in the Arctic Ocean or the South Pacific! A saltwater reel has to withstand enormous forces and also the aggressive sodium chloride that wants to eat into its mechanical entrails.

Daiwa’s Saltiga is the ultimate final solution when it comes to chasing the sea fish. The in-house high-end model has been redesigned by Daiwa’s engineers and launched in a sophisticated 2020 version. With sizes ranging from 8000 to 20000, all techniques of jigging and distance fishing with poppers and co. are covered. Some anglers have already experienced that the reel they use consists of too many individual parts, when the same reel blew up after a 120 pound GT grabbed the popper. The Saltiga doesn’t have such a thing, its monocoque body made of strong aluminium is cast in one piece and offers enough space for the reworked and considerably enlarged gearbox. Larger gear teeth are supposed to resist the wear and tear caused by friction better and extend the life of the reel considerably.

The spool is sealed watertight and has been further improved in the 2020 version. The spool lip has also undergone a change and its new design helps to lay the line cleanly and helps to optimise the casting distance. Magsealed? Sure, when it comes to the essential ball bearings, they are well protected in Daiwa’s high-end reel and thanks to this same Magsealed technology, they run silky smooth and are immune to dirt. The brake system has also been further developed and more brake discs have been fitted for greater braking power. According to Daiwa, the braking power of the Saltiga is thus increased tenfold and reaches values of 25 – 30 kg! For better heat dissipation the brake knob is made of aluminium, no plastic parts are used!

The first voices, which have been using the Saltiga for several months, are enthusiastic about it and attribute fantastic durability and performance to the reel! This quality has its price – for sure – but it has to be put into perspective if you want to go on an expensive fishing trip which will give you the “fish of a lifetime” on the hook, but which will be lost due to poor equipment. In this respect, I clearly plead for an investment in high quality tackle, in order to be properly prepared for the encounter with the ultimate saltwater fish. And by the way, Christmas is just around the corner, you can reinvest any money you get or just sell the 4K TV, because the real life is out there anyway. More information about Daiwa’s completely reworked and improved Saltiga 2020 can be found on the manufacturer’s website.      (fst)


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