Fly line RIO Gold Elite WF5F

Running smoothly!

The RIO company has managed to become one of the absolute top suppliers of fly lines in recent years. This is mainly due to the high quality standards, but also to an unusually individual offer of lines for the most different fish and water species. In addition, the company from Idaho is always endeavouring to provide its fans with information and tips and tricks on all aspects of fly fishing via the usual product support. RIO Brand Manager Simon Gawesworth, who was captain of the English national fly fishing team at the 2003 World Fly Fishing Championships, is a regular contributor to Vimeo, and his videos have been very popular for quite some time.

Among all fly lines from its stable, the RIO Gold is considered a real milestone in the freshwater sector and I know several anglers who fish this line with enthusiasm. I myself am also a fan of the series and until a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought that there was room for improvement. But according to the manufacturer, the new ELITE fly lines are the most powerful and technically advanced fly lines developed at RIO. I had two months to test the RIO Gold ELITE as a WF5 Floating and I can say that the line lived up to its promise. Especially the new coating was convincing during a two-week trip to Slovenia. Where otherwise at the very least a treatment with a line dressing was urgently needed after three days of hardcore fishing, the RIO Gold ELITE went smoothly through the rings like on the first day. For a while I had a different impression, until I noticed that the sun milk, which ran over my arms and hands during average outside temperatures of 30°C soiled the line, was responsible for this. After I refrained from putting cream on my left arm, there was no stopping the smooth running of the line anymore. All ELITE lines are built on the basis of ConnectCore Plus, a low-stretch core that ensures unusually high durability. However, the newly developed so-called SlickCast coating is responsible for the really smooth casting. According to RIO, this advanced coating is currently the lowest friction compound on the market ever measured on a fly line – as determined by laboratory tests.

Whether that’s the case is not up to me to judge. Nor can I make any sound judgement about the extended shelf life after such a short testing time. But what I can say is that the RIO Gold ELITE, especially in combination with my 5 SAGE TROUT LL, is currently the best line I have in my collection of freshwater fly lines. This applies to both easier casting as well as the casting behaviour of the lines, which at least with smaller flies is rather gentle and therefore produces less line disturbance. I am curious one one hand, yet certain on another, that the other salmonid lines like the RIO Grand, the RIO Perception or the Technical Trout will be able to hold their own against it in the medium term.


By the way: A few nights ago the line fairy appeared at night offering three wishes for free – two of which I didn’t even have to think about: 1. Please ensure that RIO introduces the Gold ELITE in line weight #3. 2. Please make sure that the attached loops on the end of fly lines are made of a different, harder material than the coating, so that the leader doesn’t cut into the loop any longer. This would be another real innovation and a real USP.    (sal)

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