Guideline HD Sonic Zip Wader

“Get lost, right now!”

Cut, caesura, change, new stage, however you may title it, when children are born from this very moment everything has changed. Anything! In our precise case, this also means that leisure time behavior changes rapidly, to put it bluntly: Going fishing? Rather rarely!

Jonas is a new father with twins. He takes his fatherly duties seriously and his time on the water tends to be negative compared to the period between changing diapers and preparing bottles. OK, training for the marathon with the little ones head-on in front of him in the stroller counts as “outdoors” too, but fish tend not to be involved.

So when he calls me to let me know he’s finding time to fish together, it’s a rare moment! So the greater the joy on my part and the immediately following activism: Where, when how? Pike on fly? Asp or zander?In the end, this time it should be the brown trout, which now has its short regional season, the insects hatch and the local creek reveals its most beautiful side. So: “Get lost now, but right away,” is the plan.

As an experienced fly fisherman and casting instructor, Jonas is a dear companion to me, nothing has to be explained to him, the conversation is limited to immediate and important life events, reading the water and spotting fish happens involuntarily “along the way”. So much for men not being able to multitask!

Guideline HD Sonic Zip Wader

I take the opportunity to bring my Guideline HD Sonic Zip Waders  “to the man” and shoot the necessary photos for this review. The Scandinavians certainly have their act together, as I have already pointed out in various other product presentations in our magazine. The sustainable, ecological production method, which also focuses primarily on the choice of materials, is currently unsurpassed for a European company of this branch. Recycling, reduction, non-toxic, CO²-neutral, all these are arguments that speak for Guideline, plus a fantastic quality feature and optimal price-performance ratio!

The brand new HD Sonic Zip Waders represent the upper price segment of Guideline waders, but are worth every euro that you can invest here without hesitation. I must anticipate something and highlight one detail in particular and that is the waterproof front zipper. Quite clearly: “Once front zipper, always front zipper”! No matter whether we want to relieve ourselves briskly or ventilate times briefly, change the shirt or even remove a rattlesnake from the pant leg for all I care, the immediate access that the front zipper offers is more than worth its weight in gold!

Guideline HD Sonic Zip Wader
Guideline HD Sonic Zip Wader

The breathable membrane of the pants is incredibly light and barely noticeable when worn, yet the combination of 3 and 4-layer material is robust and trimmed to “heavy duty”.

The Scandinavians know from salmon fishing alone, what wild water can mean and reflect this in the design of the waistband height: Around 7cm extra height they added to the pants, so that even deep areas can still be waded or one is not immediately soaked when the next wave sloshes against the pants. The waders are cut comfortably but close to the body so that you always cut a good figure in it. Easy to adjust straps help to comfortable fit, the pants can be simply rolled down to the hips by means of the clip fasteners, without having to give up the support providing straps.
Two chest pockets with horizontal access provide space for utensils. Guideline points out, however, that the zippers are splash-proof and you better not stow electronic devices in it. Fair enough! Another zippered pocket is located inside the pants. All zippers are of the best quality!

Guideline HD Sonic Zip Wader

The crotch of the pants is cut for freedom of movement but still robust and reinforced. The knee area turns out very mobile and does not strain. The neoprene socks are protected by Gravelguards and cut to fit anatomically correct to the foot without taking up much space in the wading shoe. The Gravelguards are attached to the boots by means of the usual hook system.

Guideline HD Sonic Zip Wader

So when it comes to buying a wader that not only features high-quality components and defines a high-end standard for breathable clothing, but also offers comfort and a contemporary look, the Hd Sonic Zip Waders should definitely be considered. I would also like to highlight once again the fact that the production of the pants as well as the materials used are bluesign certified. The bluesign is a sustainability standard for the production of textiles, which takes into account especially aspects of chemical safety and at the same time thus a textile seal. More information about this can also be found on the manufacturer’s page of Guideline.

Guideline HD Sonic Zip Wader

Of course, the pants are also ideal for all spin fishermen who want to face their target fish wading or for use in the belly boat, when it comes to wearing a lightweight but robust breathable pants.

Jonas and I are moving through spring on the creek this time, enjoying nature and the growth around us. The evenings are starting to get longer and with them the chance for a few more hours together on the water. We gain a few careless trout from the rushing waters and momentarily forget the world around us. I still catch myself thinking about my kids and already start missing them, and I don’t think Jonas feels any different. Yes, everything has changed since they came into our lives, but that’s just right!

You can get the Guideline HD Sonic Zip Waders for example at adh-fishing, plus the necessary guidance when it comes to the right size. So, and now get lost out there, but asap!

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