Guideline LPX Coastal Singlehand

Lighter, farther, greener: Full throttle on the coast!

Having set itself the goal of producing more environmentally friendly and sustainable, Guideline has already set the benchmark in terms of price-quality-performance and green image with the Elevation rod series clearly high. With the new LPX Coastal single-handed rod series, however, the Scandinavians have gone one better – and significantly so!
The 4-piece coastal rods, which unites the function of landing predatory fish in all sizes and all climatic zones with ease, are the absolute madness! The first impression is exactly this lightness of the LPX Coastal, which already seems almost unreal: If a rod of the class 12, which embodies thus from the type “saltwater, brutal”, weighs only 112 g, then one balks justifiably! This lightness is due to the way the carbon fibers are arranged in the blank. Not interwoven or braided, but rather parallel in their lengths, the fibers are laid at varying angles to each other and this results in a fantastic and extremely light, but still stable and fast blank! Those who think of “fast” as “stiff” are mistaken, however, the rods in all classes have a sensitive bending curve and allow responsive casts that nevertheless powerfully convey what distance can mean without effort!
The fact that the LPX Coastal rods are a bit longer (9’3″) in classes 5, 6 and 7 also provides distance for the caster. However, this neither takes getting used to nor is it in any way a hindrance for people who have only fished 9 foot (2.74 m) rods up to now!
Another highlight of the rods are the high-quality cork handles! A quality of this kind we find otherwise actually only in rods that would cost three times the price! What Guideline offers here is really prime cork! All classes are equipped with Full Wells Grip and a Fighting Butt. The guides are of the singleleg-type and are replaced in the classes 10 and 12 by snake guides, titanium and Zirconia inlays refuse corrosion and are stable as well as light at the same time. Visually and haptically the rods are also classy looking, plain black with blue decorative wraps and matching reel seat provide them with a contemporary and dynamic look.

Of course, the LPX Coastal model can also be used in freshwater, especially when it comes to bridging distance. For example, when asp fishing or stillwater, when the fish rise far away. As far as the use of the rods is concerned, there are no limits. Class 5 is therefore suitable for streaming on the creek or river, for mullet fishing or light sea trout fishing. Class 6 and 7 are in fact the “long and longest-distance models” on stillwater, larger river or the ideal sea trout rod. Class 8 will stand up to the pike in your water of choice. Class 10 carries chunky material between the pike’s teeth or makes the huchen dance, but of course finds the greatest favor in the tropics. And class 12 is the ultimate answer to the already intoned “evil tropical fishing” and tames all species that demand extreme from the tackle!
It must also be mentioned that, as with the Elevation series, the LPX Coastal rods have been produced green through and through! Environmentally friendly, toxin-free and in places using recycled materials from the finish to the material used for the rod tube! More details can also be found on the manufacturer’s website.
And because SCALE is now celebrating its birthday, we have received a fine gift from ADH, which we would like to pass on to you: We raffle a complete LPX Coastal outfit consisting of a rod in class 8, the matching Guideline Halo reel and a Guideline Predator F/H/I line! With this, the upcoming pike season can confidently begin! If you would like to win this set, send an email to: (fst)

More info about the rod at the manufacturer and ADH-Fishing


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