Jason Bordash

He’s from Michigan, has been drawing since he was a boy and is one of the best flyfishing artists there is. Jason expresses his love and passion for flyfishing through water colors. During his training as an artist he tried basically everything, but watercolors seemed to be his thing in the end. We believe you can really see it for yourself because, unlike many other artists, Bordash is able to give strong expression with a minimum of brush strokes. Stand back a ways from his pictures and they are almost photorealistic. Only when you get up close do you see they are watercolors.


When Jason is not home taking care of his wife and son in Washington, he goes out fishing with his single-hand rod and, as you can see from his paintings, his favorite catch is trout. Because his family is more important to him than fishing, he sometimes paints from his many photographs. If you are like us and love art, you should check him out. We’re bound to be seeing and hearing a lot more from him and his originals are absolutely affordable. Or else go for one of his high-quality prints. Take a look, there’s bound to be something for you.


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