Ride on, ride on

When we fisherwomen and -men are constantly on the lookout for a way to convey our hobby or even our vocation into everyday life in a casual way, we have recently failed to find suitable civilian clothing that appeals to us as chic and cool at the same time. Ok, we got hoodies with print, but those usually lend us the look of a tardily pubescent long-term pothead and in general the messages on T-shirts, shirts and the like tend to be less than elegant or simply a functional brand message that has lost all glamour. An enhancement of this unpleasant fact we achieve, if we even have a lookout for footwear, which is suitable for everyday use, but still somehow reveal us as anglers. Rubber boots, wading shoes, flat sandals? In the bar, the club, the university or at work, one could and would send subtle signals, if only that were possible! It is!!! Is it? Yep, and with nothing less than a pair of skater shoes from the great sneaker brand Nike! Bam!

So now when the coolness of casual, skater spirit and fishing combine into one shoe, we may consume without further question! Together with Dutchman Daan Van Der Linden, Nike has designed the SB BLZR Court DVDL skate shoes ( and given all fishing-loving skaters, but also fracture-free girls and boys out there, the opportunity for absolute synergy between fishing and looking good.

Daan, by the way, is a Nike pro rider and is also not averse to fishing when he’s not busy doing ollies and riding halfpipes. We liked the shoes so much that we don’t want to withhold them from you, even though it would of course be much more casual if we were the only ones wearing them in public! But since we advocate that fishing is also lived by well-dressed personalities in civilian existence and off the water, we share this soled precious with you, of course!

The lightweight skate shoe is crafted from twill material to embody the charm and look of the antiquated fishing vest. The classic Nike swoosh is adorned with an embroidered fly that resonates somewhere between salmon and steelhead. The heel of the chic kicks features a patch depicting a thick rainbow. Beautiful and guaranteed not a triploid pug-face from the put and take pond around the corner!

Available is the Blazer Court in three colors from light beige, about olive to the chic brown tone, for which we opted. By the way, we received a few extremely cool stickers to the purchase, which now adorn our decks and line baskets, Nike logos with Black Bass and other chic designs, if you’re lucky, there’s these limited stickers maybe even in the skateshop of your choice, just ask!

Price-wise, the shoes are also located in the range of the affordable and beat with about 70 € to account. So whoever still attempts to embody the “spirit of fishing” with Crocs or boat shoes should not be surprised if he contributes to the development of further stereotypes concerning the angler and his appearance. Ride on, fish on, walk in style!


Text and photos: Frank Steinmann

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