Peter Perch

The new shooting star when it comes to art & fish. That’s obviously got to do with his unique illustrations of fish and other maritime life but equally as much with his likeable personality. Peter, who grew up around a six hundred year old canal system has been drawing all his life. It goes without saying that Peter, who shares a home with his wife and one daughter in the Netherlands, is also an accomplished angler – his father and granddad had a hand in that. We finally met Peter during the fair BOOT 2016 and watched him stoically pencil his lines in the midst of all the business. Four of his signed prints adore the SCALE office since.

When Peter Perch (a pseudonym) doesn’t spent time at the water or bent over his drawing table, he’s buried in nature science books or studies the works of famous masters such as van Gogh or Monet to find some inspiration. He is particularly fond of old Japanese coloured wood carvings which are commonly categorised under the term Ukiyo-e. By now, Peter works for countless tackle manufacturers and magazines worldwide. But his heart is really in non-profit projects. Proof of that is the elaborate MahiMahi drawing on a skateboard deck which got auctioned off for several hundred Euros for the child charity Royal Fishing Kinderhilfe. Sadly we got narrowly outbid, but will try our luck next time again. We are very pleased to be able to introduce Peter here to you…

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