Q-Jig Jig Heads

100% lead-free with a deadly design.

At SCALE we love to support people who have thought about sustainability and environmental protection in angling and are breaking new ground. The two makers of Q-Jig are two of those enthusiasts who have come up with something: Completely lead-free jig heads that, in addition to their environmental compatibility and unusual skull look, stand out for another feature: Rubber lures hardly ever tear when pushed onto the hook.

It all started with the two of them casting rubber lures according to their own ideas. It was a logical consequence that at some point the topic of their own jig heads was on the agenda. But it was a long way from the first idea to the various prototypes to the first Q-jig. Of course, the idea of doing something to protect the waters played a decisive role right from the start, but finding a material that would do justice to the properties of lead, apart from its environmental incompatibility, was no easy matter. The well-known Zamak was ruled out as a substitute material because, in the view of the two inventors, it is too brittle and, in addition, the volume of the heads would have almost doubled compared to a classic lead jig. Tungsten was not an alternative for cost reasons. But at some point a solution was found, or rather an environmentally friendly material, that was in no way inferior to the sinking behaviour of a lead head due to its almost equal density.

By the way, the hooks of the Q-Jig are made by the French company VMC® and when asked by one of the two Q-Jig makers how they prevented the well-known tearing of a rubber lure when winding it up, he explained: “In my opinion, the reason for this is the lead attachment to the jig head. In addition, the lead heads often wobble on the hook wire. We wanted to avoid this problem with our jig head at all costs! A baitholder specially made of V2A fixes the rubber fish 100% to the Q-jig and thus prevents the bait from tearing.”

Today, the Q-Jig is produced professionally, but still by hand, even in somewhat larger quantities. Each head is marked with a grammage so that you can quickly find the jig you want without much searching. A personal final check of each individual Q-jig ensures that no head actually wobbles on the hook shank. Well-known anglers such as sea fishing expert Rainer Korn or the Raunbisch specialist Martin Mainka already place their trust in Q-jigs and we at SCALE also dispose of our lead heads asap at the recycling centre and switch to Q-jigs. Not only for the sake of the environment. Q-jigs are currently available in seven different weight classes on two different hook sizes for zander, pike and perch. However, the Q-Jig for marine predators is about to go into production.

Another plus point we found: Even with the packaging, sustainability is top priority and therefore there is no use of plastic in the entire production and packaging process. For shipping, Q-Jig only uses paper or cardboard packaging material.

Just take a look at the cool skulls with hooks:

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