Redfish Diaries

Jeremy Clark

In our photo gallery Jeremy takes us to South Carolina, a parade ground for the Redfish.
Jeremy Clark grew up in Virginia, fishing lakes and farm ponds for largemouth bass. After leaving his small town and serving in the United States Marine Corps he ended up in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, Charleston to be specific. Redfish reign supreme here, following the rising water up onto spartina grass flats that are dry except for specific tidecycles that “flood“.
Only a couple hundred miles of the east coast of the US has the specific topography and flora that allows fishing to redfish “tailing” in the spartina grass flats. On “flood tides” the water gets high enough to cover previously dry flats covered in spartina, a type of cordgrass, and redfish follow the pull of the water to root around the grass and mud to feed on anything they can fit in their mouths. While they will chase down prey aggressively, you’ll most often find them when their tail sticks out of the water while digging after something they’ve identified on the bottom.
When not working in Antarctica and New Zealand for part of the year, or photographing weddings with his wife, you can find him on a skiff, chasing these fish on fly and introducing his two adopted kids to the wonders of the marsh.
Jeremy’s photography captivates with a certain kind of soft and matte tones, his love of open aperture knows how to shine with a perfectly fitting focus and his stagings of the Southern Lifestyle are so authentic that you can almost reach and taste the marsh landscape.
Have fun digging up someting juicy with the Redfish Diaries by Jeremy Clark.

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