Rudi Heger Annual Calendar 2022 for Fly Fishers

They’ve done it again!

Olivier Potrat, Rudi Heger and Ralf Raacke have done it again and selected the best pics from their collected works. The large-format (A3) and visually stunning calendar for fly fishers is published on a regular basis, and the new edition for 2022 is simply stunning. There is something for everyone: fish, landscapes and action. On silky glossy paper bleached without chlorine for the sake of the environment, it is easy to get carried away by the beautiful pictures, especially off-season. Huchen, tarpon, pike, grayling, saltwater and freshwater – everyone is sure to find their favourite pic and friends of impressive landscapes will also get their money’s worth. At just €14.90, the calendar is really good value for money in my opinion, and anyone who wants to decorate their own four walls, the fishing lodge or the clubhouse of the angling club, should grab it quickly, because the calendar is only published in a small numbers. (Stefan Alt)


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