SAGE Pike fly rod

Feeling the pike!

Fly fishing for pike has become one of the most popular disciplines when it comes to pursuing predators with a streamer. More and more spinfishermen have also started to trade the rubber fish and jerkbait for a big pike streamer. No wonder, because no artificial bait can hold a candle to the presentation of a large and fluffy and best of all a self tied baitfish pattern, or a pulsating bucktail-hollowfly. Attacking poppers and fishing on sight with floating pike flies – incomparable and even the fight of small and medium-sized pike on the fly line is a special experience!

Especially beginners in this fishing method are often overwhelmed when they ask for advice in forums or the social media about how to put together the necessary equipment and a variety of different answers come up. The required rod class and the suitable model are questioned, which type of line makes sense and finally the pricing also plays a decisive role, when choosing a suitable rod together with the necessary accessories.

In 2020, Sage introduced the new model “Pike” to the market, for the beginner, but also for the experienced fly fisherman who wants to pursue the pike with a balanced and high-quality rod. This rod, which is located in the mid-price segment, fulfils all the characteristics of a pike rod that can be described as unreservedly recommendable. With a length of 9 feet (275 cm) and line class 9 it is virtually predestined for pike fishing in still and flowing waters. You often hear from anglers that they use class 8 rods or even less for pike fishing, I can only confirm this to a limited extent, personally I even reject it. On the one hand the use of extremely large streamers is sometimes the way to success, this is of course also due to the course of the year and the feeding behavior of the fish, so a certain rod strength is essential for casting the big flies. Another argument for me is the fact that I want to keep the fight with the pike as short as possible to save the animal unnecessary physiological stress. If you have ever hooked a big pike on the edge of a current, you know what kind of power these animals can develop. Here you have to stand up to them and not play around with too light equipment at the expense of the animal!

The blank of the Sage Pike has been developed from the company’s own Graphite IIIe technology and is characterized by a sensitive yet powerful tip, which perfectly absorbs the head shaking and any jumps of the fish. The lower part of the blank is strong and helps the fly fisherman to exert pressure and pull the caught pike closer. With its elegant black color and the dark windings the blank also looks noble. All guides are hard chrome plated and the 9 rod also has a Full Wells handle with Fighting Butt. The quality of the cork is good, no pressed granulate is used! The 4-piece rod comes in a ready to fish-cordura tube, so you can transport the Sage Pike complete with reel and line to be ready to use when you arrive at the water.

In practical tests the Sage Pike convinced me completely! In this price range it is an excellent pike fly rod, which with its fast action and yet sensitive tip embodies everything I imagine a modern fly rod to be. I have fished for extensive testing with a Rio Pike/Musky line in class 9 of the intermediate type as well as the corresponding sink line. No matter if I cast small baitfish imitations on 2/0 to 4/0 hooks or if I used huge, feathery bucktail bufords, game changers or even Popovic’s Beast Fleyes – the Sage Pike transported all streamers without grumbling. Using double hauls I had full line control and never felt the rod was overloaded or overburdened. Raging pike I was able to land immediately and safely without having made the drills exorbitantly long. So if you are looking for a pike rod that is really adapted to this predator and the necessary accessories, the Sage Pike is the right choice! The rod is fun to use, has a high quality finish and offers a fantastic price-performance ratio.

The Sage Pike fly rod is available for 499 € at Rudi Heger. This dealer also offers you the Sage Pike as a complete and inexpensive outfit including reel and line. Have fun fishing for pike, the season is still in full swing, so get out there!         (fst)

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