Sean Landsman

Zootaxonomic data need not always be rehashed in an incomprehensible and tedious manner: Sean Landmann’s aquatic creatures photographed as part of the “Meet your neighbors campaign” ( show how natural artwork can shape a canvas.

Sean Landsman’s biography, reads like the American dream come true in angling. His first experiences came from fishing ponds, small lakes and reservoirs for largemouth bass. He vividly remembers the stunned faces of his neighbours when he practised pitching under cedar trees in his garden, or double-hauling in the glare of street lanterns covered with snow. But then he discovered muskies and bass were off the table. Muskies became an obsession throughout his youth and were also the subject of his master’s thesis. When Sean isn’t on the road as a photographer documenting scientific projects, he’s working as a PhD in fish science
Sean Landsman currently lives in Eastern Canada, far away from muskies and bass. He compensates this lack quite successfully with fishing for bluefin tuna, Atlantic salmon and cod. His photo gallery was first produced for the project ‘Meet Your Neighbours’. A piece of work that called on photographers around the world, taking pictures of flora and fauna at their doorstep in front of a white backdrop. The technically challenging process, renders a result that’s as close to art as it gets. Welcome to SCALE Sean Landsman!

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