Lisa Jakubowski

From an early age on Lisa had a lot of fun at and in the water, due to many holidays at the Baltic Sea and in Sweden. What fascinated her as a child, however, became dull in her youth: sitting in a folding chair for hours and hours waiting for something to bite was not for her any longer. So she paused fishing for a few years – until her boyfriend introduced her to a previously unknown form of angling: fly fishing. She was immediately fascinated by the technique and the ease of fly fishing. Five years have passed since then and whenever possible Lisa spends every free minute at the water. Here she frees her mind, concentrates on the essential things in life and feels connected to nature. During these last five years she has already gained a lot of experience fishing in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Italy and Slovenia. For more than one year she has also been on the road as a ProStaffer for the WFA team and meets regularly with her colleagues to talk shop and fish together – for example a saltwater trip to Los Roques is currently planned.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be far flung destinations the 29-year-old from near Hamburg is enthusiastic for. She also enjoys fishing for her favourite fish, pike, in North German lakes – and her article in this issue also deals with fishing for them. Welcome aboard, Lisa!

PRO-STAFF Lisa Jakubowski