Luka Simunjak

Before Luka began to take fishing and photography so seriously that they filled his life completely, he attended art school in his native Croatia to learn about the subject of light and exposure. The reserved photographer has been fishing all his life and spent his childhood surrounded by nature and folklore, which sharpened his senses for the beauty of his homeland. Today Luka´s Nikon is his constant companion and with its help he captures what he describes as his purpose in life, his roots. After several years of working in the fishing industry, Luka has now turned his head and founded a fly-fishing agency called „Balkan Fly Tour“. The Hardy/Greys Prostaffer can thus convey all the beauty of his homeland to his clients and experience unforgettable hours together with them in the numerous rivers with wild fish. A further advantage is that as a professional photographer, he can also give these clients lasting memories in picture form. Luka‘s photographic style has a very special language, „moody“ would be the title of it. His photographs are discreetly saturated and perhaps a bit gloomy, but without appearing oppressive or evoking melancholy feelings in the viewer. Rather, his pictures convey a quiet clarity and capture the instantaneous without making it bloated or pompous. Today Luka lives in Zagreb, the bustling metropolis of Croatia, and when he is not photographing here, he is out and about in the wild and romantic landscape to which he takes us in his article. For him there is nothing more beautiful than being out with his dogs, waking up in a tent and soaking up the peace of a nightly campfire. The crowning glory is of course fishing for wild trout and grayling. We say thanks to Luka for the thoughts and moments you share with us and Dobrodošli in SCALE Magazine.