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With Adrian we have got a real insider tip on board. Not only is the 36-year-old Australian by choice chasing
a fish that is quite unknown in this country, but his photography is currently only recognized in selected
circles, although Adrian creates moods that are second to none!
Adrian was born in Tasmania and one wonders why someone would voluntarily leave this dream place with
his fantastic brown trout to move to Townsville in Queensland? Well, as usual, it is love and work that makes
you want to change places, so did Adrian – today he has two cute children and a partner who are in no
way inferior to him in his love for nature! Water seems to be the main part of his life, Adrian is a senior pool
technician for Willows Poolshop in Queensland and Ambassadeur for Tide Apparel, so if you have a problem
with your pool on your next trip down under, just give Adrian a call!
His favourite fish are the Barramundis, the sooty Grunters and especially the Jungle Perch. This perch, which
goes by the Latin name Kuhlia rupestris, is an excellent game fish that finds its habitat in the streams of the
Australian rainforest. Adrian chases it with a light spinning rod and surface baits. The rainforest scenario is
stunning in all its exoticism. Adrian declares that he has only just started with photography and hopes to
reach a market with his pictures. Well, we think it‘s only a matter of time before the general public becomes
aware of Adrian and we are honestly a little proud to be able to deliver the first article Adrian ever wrote!
He knows how to put the primeval nature of the rainforests, streams, rivers and mountainous regions of
his homeland into a fantastic mood. Gloomy maybe, but still inspiring and inviting. And when he meets a
direct descendant of the dinosaurs, the endangered Cassowary, Adrian can justifiably claim that his fishing
grounds are a piece of Jurassic World. Adrian Tuck does not currently have his own website, so we need to
support him on Instagram and Facebook. In this issue he takes us to his Jungle Perch and we are happy to
present Adrian in Europe and beyond. G‘day Adrian, welcome on board.