Michael Knoch

With Michael we have not only brought an experienced fly fisherman on board, but he
also uses his creativity professionally. For the art director and freelance communication
designer, show stars like Michael „Bully“ Herwig were part of his client portfolio, as
well as the Audi Group or the Warner Bros. film studios. But all this was somehow not
enough for the nature-loving mid-forties, so today Michael also concentrates on work
that includes nature and water protection and works for the Bavarian State Fishermen‘s
Association and other institutions that deal with the protection of fish species.
Having travelled far and wide, he has chased after just about every scale carrier of the
seven seas, fought with various freshwater fish and in the end always comes back to
his Bavarian home where he finds it most beautiful. He has been fishing with a fly rod
for 30 years and carefully roams the waters in his area. His great love is dry fly fishing
for grayling and winter stalking for huchen. In this issue, Michael takes us to one of
his favourite spots, a body of water that serves as a habitat for an impressive grayling
population. With his camera he draws atmospheric pictures that combine the fragile
beauty of nature and grayling. Welcome Michael Knoch!