Henrik Haack

If the grandfather comes from Sweden and takes the grandchild along to fish for roach and perch at an early age, what is to become of this child? Certainly not a homing pigeon breeder! Henrik Haack, born in 1993, so felt 5 generations younger than the whole SCALE editorial team, is a thoroughbred angler. Half of Henrik is a Swedish citizen and the rest also has a German passport. So it is obvious that Henrik feels a great connection to the Scandinavian nature. The perch is his primary target when he is chasing fish with his rod and he has already travelled to many European countries to put the perch in the landing net. He himself favours the techniques borrowed from US bass fishing and tries to apply them adaptively when fishing for perca fluviatilis. He has also completed his apprenticeship in Japan, where he actually completed his Black Bass diploma… For Henrik, fishing also includes the camera. Starting out in an analogue style, over the years he has become more and more familiar with the use of lens and exposure in order to be able to present attractive and high-quality fishing photography today. And on the subject of „hobby made into a profession“ Henrik also has a contribution for us: Since the beginning of 2020 he has been working full-time for the Lurenatic shop, where he is responsible for JDM and US Tackle. In our December issue Henrik takes us to the golden perch that have been waiting for the Haack‘s crawfish in the Swedish brackish water zone! Have fun with the beautiful shots of an aspiring young photographer and angler and once again welcome Henrik to SCALE Magazine.