Tomasz Talarczyk

Dual citizenship, living and working abroad, fishing in the most remote places of the world, the life of Tomasz Talarczyk! Well, the cherry on top from now on is of course his status as a SCALE boy and he has well earned that. With a Polish and an American passport in his luggage, Tomasz, born in Krakow, moved to Shanghai a good ten years ago, where he has been working as a teacher and consultant. No, no one said bat! So let‘s move on: Together with his wife he lives in the busy world of the metropolis and uses every free moment for fishing. Whether it‘s shirt-sleeved on his lunch break, chasing skygazers in the city park, or on one of his many travels that have taken him to exotic and wild places on our planet. Mongolia, Bolivia and Australia were among his highlights, as was Japan, and that‘s where Tomazs takes us in this issue. The legendary Ito, Itou, migratory taimen or also Sakhalin taimen is a very special fish and therefore we are looking forward to the spectacular pictures that Tomasz presents to us. By the way, Tomasz learned fly fishing from his grandfather, who took him to the water since he was thirteen years old. For Tomasz, family visits mean Poland and Wisconsin, and so even there there are great and diverse fishing opportunities for him between coffee, chat and cake. For his future, the Temple Fork and Pike Terror Flies Ambassador plans to focus more on the native species of Central China. We are excited to find out what we will see from him in the future! If you want to track Tomasz on his travels, follow him on Instagram and Facebook! We welcome him to our 10th anniversary issue and express this tri-lingually: Witamy, Huā and a heartly welcome, Tomasz Talarczyk!