Yiya Yineth Gil

If you like to embed some color and cheerfulness into your everyday life, then our author Yineth Gil is exactly what you need! Yiya is a native Colombian who, in her childhood, was already completely obsessed with chasing the little fish in her native river, while her friends were still basking in the sun in their crochet bikinis. In the course of her life, Yineth eventually made her way to the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria to be precise, where, in addition to her love for Marek Sidor, she would also find fly fishing. Together with her Dalmatian Lucky and her strikingly gaudy rod, Yiya now finds her way to fish the volcanic island’s reservoirs in pursuit of carp, black bass, tilapia and other freshwater fish. We at the SCALE team are proud to be the first magazine that Yineth has provided an article for! Bienvenidos Yineth and now ¡Siga, siga, siga!: Vaya con Yiya!