Tired of fish, babes and fishing egomaniacs for today? Would you like something creative, even art, for a change? Great, then Teuthis is exactly the right place for you to relax and watch something extraordinary! After a course in marine biology, which led the French artist, who is behind the pseudonym Teuthis, to decide to specialise in studying the marine fauna of the Polynesian islands, Teuthis has been combining naturalistic drawing and graphic design since 2013. Ecological reflection and artistic approach. In ancient Greek, Teuthis means “squid”. His works are strongly reminiscent of the scientific representations of Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel, appearing almost expressionistic through the reduction of filigree and the use of polygons, but nevertheless maintaining a high level of detail and trueness to nature. His works adorn the streets and buildings of France, street art par excellence, but also his works on paper are beautiful representations of animals, which are settled crosswise by the taxonomic structure of zoology. Individual prints of his works of art are also for sale. Support Teuthis with a follow and help him to reach out, his works look really fantastic and bring nature back to the grey cities.   (fst)

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