Thomas P. Peschak

If I want to break out of the flood of pictures of presented fish and fishing people that clog my Instagram feed, I’ll drop by Thomas P. Peschak!

He is actually a marine biologist, but he quit that job in favor of photo reportage. Today Thomas is capturing images for National Geographic and is playing in the top league when it comes to wildlife. No matter whether we are talking about underwater photography or terrestrial life forms, his pictures are spectacularly staged and technically brilliant.

The focus is clearly on the marine ecosystem and its inhabitants, so there are plenty of shots of fish that are allowed to swim freely without being staged in any way to wriggle on hook and line or being held up in the hands of anglers. This is the true art and perfection of fish photography and always worth following. But also all other pictures of marine mammals, birds and other species are simply fantastic to watch. Have fun while diving down and grasping for air.    (fst)

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