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Ecological and social sustainability to wear

Moritz Jovy from Munich has been fishing for as long as he can remember and has become a passionate fly fisherman through all forms of fishing. As a trained textile designer, he has recently combined his second passion, fashion, with his wet-hobby and has now launched his first own small collection. Under the label TryFly Fishing Crew, he currently offers hoodies, shirts, jumpers and a five-panel caps in his online shop, but the product range will soon be expanded.

The special thing: All textiles are produced under the aspect of ecological and social sustainability. Everything is genuine and serious and no greenwashing involved: “Harmonising fashion, nature and responsibility for the environment is possible and was extremely important to me,” says Moritz Jovy and we think he has succeeded.

When it comes to ecology, TryFly Fishing Crew relies on organic cotton from India, recycled polyester from China or Modal, a synthetic fibre made from beech wood. In addition, waste water is recycled directly in the production facilities. CO2 emissions are reduced through climate-neutral shipping. In addition, environmentally friendly shipping boxes, e.g. made of grass paper, are used and local service providers cooperate in order to minimise transport emissions.

In terms of social responsibility, TryFly Fishing Crew stands for a constant check of supply chains (member of the Fair Wear Foundation) and transparency regarding the cooperation with local producers. In addition, Moritz Jovy creates training programmes and drives the development of CSR standards.

The new collection currently includes two lines: “Ocean Vibe”, inspired by the colours of the water, the ocean and its depths, and “Lake View”, inspired by the colours of the forest, the soil and the waters of his homeland.

In terms of price, the good pieces are a little above average, but in addition to the certainty of having bought something good in a prudent and environmentally friendly way, with TryFly Fishing Crew you also get textiles of outstanding quality. Hoodie or cap for life, so to speak …

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